How to Find Love Studying Abroad

Do not hang out in places where tourists swarm because, like you, they are on their way somewhere else and will not likely be interested in something long-lasting.

Ride a chicken, proudly. In Spanish, having a fit or having a cow is literally to ride a chicken ("montar un pollo"). Even if you are not bilingual, speak the language of your host country. The locals will appreciate your courage, and you will eventually know more words than when you came.

Go outside your comfort zone by trying to do things the nationals enjoy. For instance, if you are in Spain, go to a soccer party at a friend's house.

Be flexible. Getting to know people takes time, especially when in a foreign country. You may have to alter your daily routine to fit in your classes and social engagements. If you're the person who used to get up at 5 a.m. to go running, you may have to settle for a long walk home from the bar at 2 a.m.

Make a "transition friend." Find someone, preferably a cultural and linguistically bilingual individual, who will help you navigate the cultural norms regarding dating and relationships.

Från ehow.

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:D kaikkea säkin löydät, täytyy ehdottomasti kokeilla... paitsi en halua löytää love, vain hauskaa....

2008-07-24 @ 13:37:25

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